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Moody Presents is a weekly 26-minute teaching program hosted by Jon Gauger and featuring the teaching of Moody Bible Institute President Dr. Paul Nyquist. This Sunday program also regularly features music by the four student ensembles of Moody Bible Institute, along with student and alumni testimonies.  Please note that due to musical content, some programs might not be available for distirubtion.

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What exactly is an apostle? Are they around today? How do we really know? Like me, you’ll want answers to these very interesting questions and you’ll find them right here on Moody Presents. Join Dr. Paul Nyquist for our continued study... More

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 So you have a home church, you give at church, and you serve at church. But now, so far removed from the original church some two thousand years ago we are left wondering if we are doing it right? Join Dr. Paul Nyquist for a brand new teaching... More
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On the this episode of Moody Presents, we bring you part two of the series Freedom, God’s Grace. Last week we learned from Dr. Nyquist’s Bible Teaching that freedom from the law can only mean that we are given grace from God to live in... More

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Freedom, sometimes we take it for granted. This time of year, it is a good reminder to thank God for the freedoms that we are still able to enjoy in the United States of America. Further removed and even more important than any earthly blessing is... More

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Thank you for joining us on Moody Presents, the Bible teaching program featuring Moody Bible Institute President, Dr. Paul Nyquist.  Last week we left you with the very dark and seemingly hopeless issue of being hated for what we believe as... More

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John 15:18-28 | Why does the world hate us? On Moody Presents, a very serious subject today as Dr. Nyquist takes us to the Bible book of John, chapter 15. You and I, as Christians, have struggled with this question. More importantly, as our series... More
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 I Thessalonians | Does it seem like the world has given up on the Church? Does it feel like the church has given up on the church? Some tough questions that Dr. Paul Nyquist will help answer from the pages of I Thessalonians. Has God abandoned... More

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I Thessalonians | Our series continues, featuring the teaching of former Pastor and now President of Moody Bible Institute, Dr. Paul Nyquist. In two weeks from today, we’ll end these straightforward and important messages with his keynote... More

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2 Chronicles 2:26 | Our series from the Moody Bible Institute annual Pastors Conference continues with part two of a message that we started last week. Dr. Paul Nyquist, former pastor and now President of MBI shares from God’s Word and his... More

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On the campus of the Moody Bible Institute just this past week, Pastors from all over the United State came together to worship, learn and be refreshed. Over the next several weeks we will highlight the keynote messages from Dr. Paul Nyquist to the... More
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