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Midday Connection is a live 54-minute radio program designed to encourage women, with a focus on growing the whole person: body, mind and soul. Hosted by Anita Lustrea and Melinda Schmidt, the program brings listeners relevant content about marriage, parenting, the workplace, finances and issues that affect their spiritual lives. Midday is a community of women growing together.

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Falling in love with the God Jesus knows means coming face to face with the false narratives we’ve come to believe about God. On this Midday Connection James Bryan Smith joins us as we continue our series on The Good and Beautiful God.
Tags: God's beauty

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Change is inevitable. It is a constant in life. But there are two kinds of change, and on this Midday Connection, Janet Davis joins us to talk about invited and uninvited change and how Christ followers can respond. Are you in a season of change? Or... More
Tags: change, uninvited

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Meeting with a friend to talk over the stuff of life is essential for us. Whether it’s over the phone, through email, or in person. It’s the Millrose Club on Midday Connection and if you can’t get a date on the calendar with a... More

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If you want to be challenged on how to spend your time and money on what matters most, you won’t want to miss Midday Connection when we’ll continue our series where we bring a group together to discuss what trips us up with time and... More

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We have all longed for God to be tangible. Some sway to worship music, others go on mission trips, but the universal quest is to feel the divine. On this Midday Connection, popular professor Tony Kriz joins us to lead us to a tangible encounter with... More

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We’ve been working our way through the challenging thoughts of James Bryan Smith looking at our good and beautiful God.  And on this Midday Connection, we focus on the truth that God is love. We’ll look at the false narrative that... More

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We expect to feel loss when an unwanted transition happens like a death or a loss of a job. But how do we cope with those necessary transitions even though they are good? On this Midday Connection Dr. Jennifer Degler joins us to as we focus on the... More
Tags: coping, emotions, loss

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There is nothing better than the joy that emanates when friends get together to talk. Laughter erupts, sometimes tears, but most often, after the small talk dissipates, good conversation happens. It’s the Millrose Club on Midday Connection and... More

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How do you make space for life to grow? Mark & Lisa Scandrette suggest that happens when you spend your time and money on what matters most, and on this Midday Connection we continue our series where we bring a group together to discuss what... More

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Maybe you have people like them in your life. Those with hard fought wisdom they willingly share. On this Midday Connection Gordon MacDonald joins us to talk about friendship, a topic he is currently writing about. We’ll glean some important... More
Tags: friendship